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Southern Africa is an ideal self drive destination, from rental car to motorhome, from motorbike to 4x4 camper. Explore Africa with your hands on the steering wheel but keep a few things in mind!

Although vehicles are driven on the left hand side of the road in many African countries, please check when entering the country you will be travelling in.

A valid, unendorsed drivers licence must be in the possession of the driver whilst driving. An International Drivers Licence is not necessary (but recommended) provided the original drivers licence is in English.

Many car rental companies accept drivers only if they are in possession of a drivers licence for longer than two years and it is compulsory for the driver and front passenger to wear seat belts.

Unless otherwise indicated, the speed limit is generally 120 km / hour on highways, 80 km / hour on provincial roads and 60km / hour in urban areas.

Don't drink and drive. In some of Southern African countries is a zero alcohol level required for driving and obey the traffic rules. Regular checks are made on drinking, speeding and drivers licences.

Avoid driving at night. Wild and stray animals become more active at sunset and sunrise. On gravel / sand / dirt roads, please reduce your speed to preferably less than 80 km/hour especially on bends. Watch out for the sandy borders alongside the road and do not brake suddenly.

Make sure the vehicle's spare tyre is inflated and in a good condition, also that the jack is in a working order and that you have the correct size wheel spanner in your kit. Because of the long distances, make sure that you fill your car up in every town.

Take enough cash with you, as only a few filling stations accept credit cards. Always have some drinking water with you to prevent dehydration in case of a breakdown.

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